Crystal Bowman, Author - Speaker

Besides writing books, I love speaking to children, parents, writers, and teachers. I’ve been speaking for more than thirty years both nationally and locally. I speak at church groups, schools, book conventions, writers’ conferences, and enjoy being a guest on radio, television, and podcast programs. The following list explains some of my speaking topics and programs:

  • School programs:
    Author’s assemblies — entertaining and informative. I talk about being an author and where I get my ideas. I share my stories and poems as well as the real-life stories behind them. Assemblies are 30 minutes for lower elementary and 45 minutes for upper.
    Poetry workshops – presented in the classroom. I involve students in the process of writing: brainstorming, first draft, editing, and completing a poem. Workshops are 30-40 minutes for younger grades and 45-50 for older grades. Workshops are best for grades 2-6, but simplified sessions for K-1 are also available.
  • Teachers’ Conferences:  I offer sessions for teachers on how to develop poetry units and teach poetry to their students all year long–not just during poetry month.
  • Mothers of Preschoolers: I offer a variety of inspiring and encouraging talks for mothers of young children.
    Moms on the Grow: How moms experience personal growth while raising kids
    The Joys and Challenges of Being a Mom — it’s harder than it looks!
    Friendships: Making and Nurturing Female Friends
    Fostering Confidence and Faith in your Children
    *More topics upon request
  • Writers’ Conferences:  I love teaching workshops at writers’ conferences to share what I have learned and to give instruction on a variety of topics.
    Writing for the Children’s Market
    Writing Picture Books
    Writing in Rhythm and Rhyme
    Writing Devotions for Children
    The Wild World of Publishing
    *More topics upon request

Note: Fees for speaking vary depending on location and event.