Crystal Bowman, Author - SpeakerI love speaking to women, children, parents, writers, and teachers. I’ve been speaking for over twenty years both nationally and locally. I speak at church groups, schools, conventions, writers’ conferences, and have also  been a guest on numerous radio and television programs. The following is a list of some of my speaking topics and programs:

  • School programs:  Author’s assemblies–entertaining and informative. I talk about what it’s like being an author and where I get my ideas. I share my stories and poems as well as the real life stories behind them. Assemblies are 30 minutes for lower elementary and 45 minutes for upper. I also do poetry workshops in the classrooms and involve students in the process of writing: brain-storming, writing, editing, and completing a class poem. Workshops are 30-40 minutes for the younger grades and 45-50 for the older grades. Workshops are best for grades 2-6, but I can do simplified sessions for K-1. I also do classroom presentations for middle school and high school students who are interested in writing.
  • Teachers’ Conferences:  I offer sessions for teachers on how to develop poetry units and teach poetry to their students all year long–not just during poetry month. I also have a session on creative storytelling which is great for preschool and kindergarten teachers as well as Sunday School teachers.
  • Church programs:  Women’s retreats, holiday banquets, mother-daughter banquets, parenting programs–I can work with your theme and offer sessions to reinforce your ideas and goals.
  • Mothers of Preschoolers:
    Moms on the Grow: How moms can grow in their personal lives while raising kids.
    Holidays and Traditions: Make holidays and traditions fun, simple, and affordable.
    Adventures in Mothering: The joys and challenges of being a mom.
    Friendships: Making and nurturing female friends.
    Keeping your Family Spiritually Strong
    Honor and Respect in the Home.
    Generational Blessings: Passing down a legacy of faith.
    Personality Styles: Understanding family, friends, and extended family.
    More topics upon request.
  • Writers’ Conferences:  Writing for Children, Writing Picture Books, Writing in Rhythm and Rhyme, The World of Publishing, Promoting Children’s Books, Finding Purpose in Your Writing,The Broad Spectrum of Children’s Literature, Plot and character development in children’s books (more topics upon request).

Note: Fees for speaking vary depending on location and event.

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