Meet Crystal

Meet Crystal Bowman

Crystal Bowman is the best-selling author of over 100 Christian books for children. Her books are well-loved for their easy-to-understand lessons on family and Bible values, as well as for their charming illustrations. You’ll find old favorites, as well as new books to explore and share with those special kids in your life listed on her complete book list.


Visit Crystal’s bio to learn more about her interesting background and career. As she says in her bio, “I love writing, and since I write books that help kids learn more about God, it all has a greater purpose!


Crystal also speaks several times a year at conferences and other events around the county. Her speaking and signing events can be found here.


Learn more about having Crystal speak at your event by this page.


Recognizing how difficult it can be to become a successful writer, Crystal “gives back” by offering tips to new writers. You’ll find helpful tips on this page and occasionally she’ll add new articles with updated info here.


There’s plenty of other information about Crystal and her books on this site, as well. Please feel free to look around, and to comment and leave questions. She’ll love hearing from you!


Crystal Bowman is proud to be a member of
AWSA (Advanced Writers & Speakers Association) and CAN (Christian Authors Network)