Poems – One for Kids and One for Moms

Crystal's Granddaughter

Yes, Mom, there is life after kids, and I am finding great pleasure in my relationships with my adult children. But every once in a while, I long for one of those crazy, busy days with toys on the floor and fingerprints on the furniture.



There are fingerprints on the table,

there are fingerprints on the chair.

Doorknobs, walls, and bathroom sink—

there are fingerprints everywhere.

I wipe them off the windows,

I wipe them off the mirror.

No matter how I wipe and clean

they always reappear.

But sticky, grimy fingerprints

will someday go away,

As little ones grow up to find

another place to stay.

The windows will sparkle once again,

the doorknobs and mirrors will shine.

The walls and tables will look like new,

and all the chairs will be fine.

Someday I’ll reflect and remember

the days when my children were small,

And I’ll wish that I had some fingerprints

on the windows, tables, or wall.

~ Copyright © Crystal Bowman



Here’s a poem for kids about something really important to all of us.



A friend is someone who listens,

A friend is someone who cares.

A friend is someone who understands,

A friend is someone who shares.

It’s nice to have a special friend

To tell all your secrets to.

It’s nice to know that someone you like

Is someone who really likes you.

A friend is someone you call on the phone

To talk about nothing at all.

A friend is someone who cheers you up

And makes you feel ten feet tall.

Everyone would like to have

A special friend, it’s true.

But if you want a special friend,

You need to be one too! 

~ Copyright © Crystal Bowman