Kindness is the Anti-Bully Solution

Kindness is the Anti-bully Solution
I recently read an online review of my picture book The Boy on the Yellow Bus. I was surprised and pleased that the mom who reviewed it referred to it as an anti-bullying book. She stated that she loved the positive spin it had toward bullying, and she liked how it focused on kindness instead.
The book is about kids at school being kind to each other, and how one kind deed triggered the next kind deed. I was not thinking about bullying when I wrote this book. But that is the cool thing about being an author. You never know how God is going to use something you write in a way you didn’t anticipate.
Bullying has always been a problem when children play together. Today’s parents and teachers are speaking out against it more than ever before. And it’s about time. Children who are bullied suffer an attack on their self-esteem. The emotional wounds can last a lifetime.
So now I have a new way to market this book. And I hope more teachers and parents can use the book to teach kids that kindness matters.
I am in awe of how God can take our words and turn them into something greater. But that’s how God does things!