A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess

I have been involved with MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) for the past ten years as a mentor. Though today’s moms live in a much different culture than I did while I was raising my preschoolers, some things remain the same.

  • Moms need to be friends with other moms! When I was growing up, my mom’s best friend was her next door neighbor and they often talked under the clothesline. When I was raising my kids, I didn’t use a clothesline, but I was involved in a neighborhood Bible study group. Many of today’s moms don’t know their next door neighbor. So MOPS is a place to meet other moms.
  • Raising little ones is exhausting and overwhelming, and many moms feel inadequate for the task at hand. Discussing these issues with other moms is encouraging and affirming. It is good to know you are not the only mom who feels like she can’t do this job! At MOPS moms can meet other moms who are experiencing the same emotions as they are.
  • It’s good to laugh! Meeting with other moms in an organization like MOPS allows moms to socialize, chat, and laugh.  It’s good for the soul.

A few years ago, the theme for MOPS was “A Beautiful Mess.” Our homes may not be as tidy or clean as we want them to be. Some days are pure chaos. But when the messy homes are homes to little ones who need to be loved and who need to know about their loving God in heaven, the mess is beautiful!

For more information about MOPS, or to find a group near you, visit www.mops.org

Here’s to messy homes, exhausted moms, and busy children–it’s all beautiful!