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new-devotionalDevotions For Beginning Readers was released on October 14!   It is designed to help beginning readers become more confident in their reading skills, while learning how to pray and develop their own relationship with Jesus. All Scripture references are from the International Children’s Bible.

Aimed at beginning readers from kindergarten through third grade, each devotional has colorful illustrations and contains short sentences, making it easy for kids to read and understand.

Here’s what my publisher had to say on Facebook when the book was released:

Post by Tommy Nelson.

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  1. Vilma says:

    My mommy made the big choice of being a stay at home Mom, and has no reetgrs. She tried working while my oldest sister was still a baby, and up untill I was born, before deciding that she didn’t want to miss any moments of her children growing up. She still is homeschooling my other two sisters and brother, and has been with all of us [five] kids, and has no reetgrs. If you do decide to be a stay at home mom, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of other moms out there who will give you plenty of support! My mommy has a wonderfull Homeschool group that she goes to in our church, and they get together for meetings. girl nights, prayer days, and family picnics (the older kids in the families or the dads babysit the kids during these days or nights). There are also lots of support groups online, too!

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