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is-god-always-with-meThis delightful addition to the Little Blessings line helps young children understand a basic truth about God and Jesus.

Is God Always with Me? introduces children ages 3–6 to the idea that God is a part of their everyday lives. This read-to-me book with beautiful illustrations and pleasant rhyming verses conveys the comforting truth that God is with us wherever we go, no matter what.

The illustrations by Care Bears artist, Elena Kucharik, capture the lessons being taught through the rhyming story.


Format: Hardcover
Ages: 3-6

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  1. Crystal Antie says:

    Can you purchase your children’s books in a series? I have the preschool daily devotional but would like to buy several more. Thank you!

    • admin says:

      You can find my books on or amazon. Just type in my name and the books that are in print will be displayed. My books are not all in a series of books. I also write for some series that use several authors. I have written several books for the Little Blessings series, but other author have written for that series as well. Thanks for contacting me. I hope this info is helpful!

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