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  1. Jim S. says:

    Good morning:
    I am hoping you can help me locate one of your books. I wanted to purchase your book titled “My cowboy boots”. It sounds like the perfect gift for my niece whose 3rd birthday is 5/19/17. She sounds like the little girl in your book. I cannot seem to locate a new copy of your book and was wondering if you had any copies available for sale. Can you please let me know if I can purchase a new “My cowboys boots” through you?
    Thank you,
    Jim Scully

    • admin says:

      Hello Jim,

      That book has been out of print for a long time. I do not have any hard cover copies to sell but I might have a paperback copy. I am currently traveling. Can you please send me an email and I will address this asap. Thanks!

  2. Becky Ronquillo says:

    Dear Crystal Bowman
    I am a Bible study teacher (in training) at Horizon Christian Fellowship. I also work with youth pastor Ron Mason. We are a humble church serving many children of less fortunate families. Our Sunday school allowance barely covers the cost of the meal (including one hot item since for many this is breakfast). We are in receipt of a donated bookcase. We would love to start up a children’s library. We humbly ask, therefore, if you are able to donate any of your books, new or used, for this passion of ours.
    Becky Ronquillo
    3535 Otis Avenue
    West Sacramento CA 95691

    Horizon Christian Fellowship
    P.O. Box 1900
    West Sacramento CA 95691

  3. Carol Schutte says:

    In 2006 my newborn granddaughter Kaitlyn received a personalized book by you entitled “I’m Kaitlyn! I Have Important Jobs to Do.” I would love to order one for my newest granddaughter Penelope but I don’t see that this is available on your website or Amazon or Tyndale. Do you still do these – Kaitlyn’s is so sweet and inspiring – a wonderful introduction to our place and responsibilities in God’s world. Thank you.

  4. Irina says:

    Hello Crystal,

    I am from Ukraine. Just wanted to thank you for writing the book “” The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers”.
    I have been looking for a children’s book that would help me as a mother communicate spiritual truths to my son on his level of understanding.
    What helped me is your great work! We read it every day and every time we open it, it is as if we open the gates of Heaven and hear God talking to us both in such a simple and fun way.
    Unfortunately, there are few of such books in Ukraine, and it would be great to have this book translated into Ukrainian, so that more children would be able to learn about God in such an easy way.
    Has this book been translated into Ukrainian? If yes, then could you, please, tell me the exact name of it in Ukrainian, so that I could google it on Ukrainian websites?If not, then what are the conditions of translating it into our language?



    • admin says:

      Hello, Irina,

      Thank you for contacting me. I am happy you enjoy Devotions for Preschoolers. It has been translated into several languages but I am not aware that is has been translated into Ukrainian. The foreign translations are handled through the publisher. Authors have nothing to do with that, so I am sorry I can’t be more helpful.


  5. I love your books Crystal. Reading your blog about your daughter’s pregnancy and prayers for her little one, I want to invite you and her to check my website for week by week pregnancy prayers.

  6. Sally Heath says:

    The Devotions for Beginning Readers is exactly what I was looking for. It’s not just for beginning readers, it’s good for all of us! Thanks from Trig’s grandma.

  7. Hi Ms. Crystal,
    Bless you for being a Christian children book writer. Your passion for writing and reading will bring you more blessings. I will be heading to the library and read your books.

  8. Hi,
    Greetings! I was sent your way by Jaimie Engle and I am looking for Christian publishers. Is it okay if you critique on line? I assume the $35/hour critique is by phone. I am bilingual and you might not understand my accent so is it possible if you do it online? thanks.

  9. Jake Widmer says:

    Hi, I am interested in talking to you about being interviewed on my new christian podcast, would you be interested?

  10. Hi Crystal,
    I help you with your book production while I was with Dickinson. I am now with Color House Graphics in GR. Can I help you with any book projects that are coming Up ?
    Thank you !

  11. Mary Aderinkomi says:

    Hi, my name is Mary and I am doing a Vacation bible school for children in Nigeria on a mission trip. I was looking to order some children’s books from you, from your ” I can read” series. Would you be able to set up a order of 300+ books for the kids in Nigeria?

  12. Stephanie Ward says:

    Mrs. Bowman, I am a first grade teacher on summer break in Oviedo, FL. I am in the process of putting together a project. It is a HUGE venture! However, I have a rock solid faith in how God will use it. Part of the project involves literature for young girls (age 7-12) about Old & New testament women. I was hoping you might be able to steer me in a direction of someone capable of completing the written portion to accompany the rest of my project. Thank you so much for your time!! God Bless:)

  13. Tori Higa says:

    My husband and I share the perpetual calendar, Instant Messages from God’s Word, and highly recommend it! And as a mother to two little ones, we have enjoyed several of your children’s books as well!

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